Iron Belle: The Culture

Providing The Affordable Luxury of The Fitness World, For Women
As written by Founder, Jacqueline (Also known as Coco)
 The Origin of Iron Belle:
I remember the exact moment I thought of bringing my vision of Iron Belle to life. I wanted to represent the beautiful side of being a woman and how we are capable of entering the challenging world of fitness and becoming strong. I truly believe that regardless of what society deems masculine or feminine, a woman can be strong and not lose any of her femininity. Thus, the name Iron Belle was born.
Our Team:
I am a proud Mexican-American woman with a burning desire to achieve the hundreds of dreams I have written out for my life. But most importantly, I am a mother and a wife. I believe in the importance of representation; that is why my ethnicity and roots will always tie into the values of my company. 
As of now, we are a powerful 3-person team. We manage our own marketing, campaigns, product design, and every other little detail you can name. I believe in being heavily involved within my own company, for that is the only way that it will properly grow into how I envision it.

Our Mission Statement:
My mission with Iron Belle is to provide a safe space for all of our supporters; a safe space where they can flourish and thrive. I am here to represent all women. We all deserve to have access to the resources for becoming healthy and happy; including gorgeous workout equipment! Within our website, we have a free library with videos and blog posts; from exercise instruction videos to recipes.
Our Vision Statement: 
The fitness industry can be discouraging from the outside. As I began to better my health, I realized that I didn't look like many of the popular fitness influencers. I often felt that I would never look that way. While many of these women with amazing bodies achieve their goals even after becoming mothers, many of us lack the guidance and have our own personal battles that stop us from thriving. I believe it is important to have a healthy influence; no extreme diets, pills or laxative teas, and encouraging exercise at a normal and sane pace.
Our Products:
I believe in my product; that is why I have partnered with only the most superior designers and makers in the fitness industry. I can proudly say my range of exercise gear is an affordable luxury that will elevate your workout experience.
  • We design all of our products in our studio in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • We design all of our packaging materials- at the time, we are working on transitioning to Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable¬†shipping materials.
  • We have chosen to only partner with the top 1% of industry makers. We proudly share the same supplier as some of the top corporations¬†and businesses in North America.¬†